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So often business owners think their dreams have been met by getting the business open when the real success occurs only when the business is sold. Getting into business is relatively easy. Getting out of business with something of value is another matter altogether.

Entrepreneurial Insanity, by Roger McManus, explores all of the mental re-sets necessary to shift small business thinking to entrepreneurial thinking. Only then can the business person fully distinguish the difference between running the business and owning an asset. Rarely can a business be sold; only an asset has value.

For over 30 years, Roger has coached, funded, counseled and published for entrepreneurs. As a serial entrepreneur himself, he has garnered the wisdom of dozens of advisers and gathered years of experiences in his effort to develop a clear picture of the entrepreneurial mindset. His conclusion: Most small business owners are not entrepreneurs, even when they think they are.

This book leads the reader to the all-too-obvious conclusion that to achieve the true goal of business ownership – personal freedom – it is time to do different things. Those who start businesses rarely think of their venture as an investment; they just want to won something that will provide them with a job. If this book does its job, it will shift your motivation from making a living, to developing an asset. It will move you from the position of being in business to being exactly like the money suppliers you may have approached. Money suppliers, you see, do not care about owning a business; they care about selling a business — and making a profit.

When you, the small business owner, focuses on the goal of establishing the enterprise as a salable entity — whether he or she actually sells it or not — there is a massive shift in intention and attention. From that point, every decision has at its core whether it is good for the enterprise as an entity separate from the owner. The metamorphosis from small business owner to entrepreneur is the process of ending the insanity with which so many owners of small businesses suffer today.

This book is the product of “entrepreneurial insanity”. Growth is the only cure.

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